Popular Shops & Stores

Popular Shops & Stores

Lifestyle is very different in the United States than most countries around the world. I am sure, by now, you've noticed that. You might be wondering where can you do your grocery shopping, buy furniture and home goods, buy cloths or even automotive parts in case you need to repair your car.

Therefore, we decided to write this blogpost to introduce you to some of the affordable stores out there, that you will be relying on to get your daily home goods.

NOTE: Most of these stores are available nationwide. There are some local affordable stores in every city. You just need to take your time to get familiar with your city.  



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So, are you ready? Let's jump into it!



Wholesale Clubs 

1. Costco

2. Sam''s Club

3. Restaurant Depot


Grocery Stores 

1. Target
2. Walmart
3. Whole Food
4. HEB
5. Mariano's
6. Kroger
7.Jewel Osco
8. Trader Joe's
9. Safeway


Local Veggies  

1. Farmers Market
2. Local Fresh Markets



1. Walgreens

2. CVS Pharmacy



1. Best Buy
2. Micro Center
3. Fry's Electronic


Home-Goods Stores 

1. Bed Bath and Beyond
2. Menard


Home-Improvements Stores 

1. Home Depot
2. Menard
3. Lowes

Furniture Stores 

1. Ikea
2. Ashley
3. Big Lots
4. Bob's Furniture
5. Rooms to show

Auto-Parts Stores 

1. Autozone
2. Advanced Auto
3. Napa



1. Macy's
2. Target
3. Polo
4. Burlington
5. Marshals
6. DSW
7. Nordstrom
8. Nordstrom Rack
9. Ross
10. Old Navy
11. JC Penny
12. TJ Max
13. H&M


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